About Us

Christy and Gene
Christy and Gene (2010)

OMNI Fringe started our as a podcast in 2008 and was hosted by Vince Wilson, Christy Necaise and Gene Himmilberger. It went on hiatus for a bit and now it is back this time it means business!

Vince Wilson

Now hosted by Vince Wilson and Bia Riaz, OMNI Fringe will feature diverse topics such as science, pop culture, politics, weird news, sports, technology, medicine, food, travel and much, much more!

Bia Riaz

Of course, as before, we will have eclectic and engaging guests as well!

As we grow, expect OMNIFringe.com to grow as well! We will be expanding with new shows, writers and exciting new media content very soon!

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