Electric shavers are generally preferred over other conventional types of shavers. This is because of their efficiency in shaving and the quality of work they perform. Under the category of electric shavers, are further two main types of shavers namely; Foil shavers and electric shavers. In making your decision on the best electric shaver to use, you need to put some features about the two shavers into consideration so that your decision on an exact shaver to use can be as efficient as the shaver itself. Here are some of the major differences between foil and electric shavers.

  • Trend

Foil electric shavers were invented earlier than rotary electric shaver. Foil shaver was invented in 1933 by a Canadian called Jacob Schick. On the other hand, rotary shaver was invented in 1939 by Phillips. Rotary shaver is therefore the latest electric shaver and has taken a lead in the market.

  • Protection to the Shavers

Foil shavers have foil exterior which serves a protection purpose to the blades. The foil exterior covers the underneath blade by providing a layer of protection and this is the main physical feature of foil blades hence the name “foil shaver”. On the side of rotary shavers, three round disks are used to offer protection to the blades underneath. The blades shave by spinning quickly in a circular motion, hence the name “rotary shavers.”

  • Movement and Rotation

Although foil shavers have pivoting point that enhance rotation, the pivot point in rotary shavers only aid to form its rectangular shape that can perfectly work on wide facial areas. Otherwise, foil shavers work in a linear motion. Rotary shavers also have a pivoting point. This point is instrumental in enhancing rotary or circular rotations on the face, which makes them capable of reaching everywhere on the face, and other contoured regions that are seemingly impossible for the foil shaver such as check and chin.

  • Convenience

Foil shavers are suitable for men who shave daily because it cannot tackle multiday hair growth while rotary shaver is ideal for tackling multiday hair growth. It may be difficult to rely on foil shavers if you have tight daily schedules. This is because they work at a slower rate compared to rotary shavers. Rotary shavers are therefore quicker and convenient than rotary shavers.

  • Major Strengths and Weaknesses

Foil shavers are more advantageous while dealing with open and wide facial spaces. Because of its rectangular nature, it will cover a larger area and shave quickly over that area. However, a normal face requires the use of rotary shaver. This is because the normal facial shape is susceptible to injuries while shaving. Rotary shaver spin around and is less likely to cause injuries on the face. It is further advantageous because it will spin around in a circular motion at a higher speed than foil shaver.

Reaching different contours of the face is difficult for foil shavers. Rotary shaver is able to reach every part of the face.

  • Noise

Foil shavers are comparatively noisier than rotary shavers. Foil shavers are therefore inconvenient as compared to rotary shavers. Although foil shavers do not produce overly loud noise when used, they cannot be used in places that require extreme silence. Rotary shavers are convenient because they shave without producing noise.


In a nutshell, choosing the best electric shaver is a form of investment. Considering the above discussed features, you can easily come up with a viable choice depending on your needs. Although rotary shavers are generally preferred over foil shavers, foil shavers can be worth considering under some circumstances.

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